Shared battery system


  In the case of low electric power, most riders will choose to go to the nearest charging device (charging pile, charging cabinet) for charging. Using these charging devices, riders have to leave their bikes in place and wait, which reduces work efficiency and requires manual on-site management to maintain order and avoid safety risks. In contrast, the application of electrical cabinet provides a more convenient solution for electric vehicle charging.

  Electrical cabinet, as the name implies, is to use the already charged battery in the cabinet to replace the low power battery of the electric bike, and the replaced battery is left in the electrical cabinet to charge. The cabinet adopts multiple core technologies to meet the charging needs of various batteries; Multiple charging protection procedures to ensure safety; Intelligent voice prompt, scan code use; The charging duration is selected independently, and the charging status is displayed in the background; 24 hours all-weather service, no need for offline special care.

  The use of electrical cabinet saves the long waiting time for charging, improves efficiency, and provides a one-stop solution for electric vehicle charging problems. It can be widely used in takeout, express delivery, communities, electric vehicle parking lots and other scenarios, providing a safe and convenient electrical changing service for the majority of electric vehicle users.