Company profile

  Yueyang Pair Win Intelligent 前台1.jpgTechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company whom produces all kinds of lithium ion batteries, power stations , shared power exchange systems and all kinds of battery-powered portable intelligent products (such as electric scooters, electric bikes, portable fans, intelligent hair dryers and other household appliance upgrading products).With a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company is located on 5/F, Bldg. 1,  Phase 1, Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Pilot Free Trade Zone Yueyang AreaHunan), China,  with a plant area of 10000 square meters.The company has 8 automatic and semi-automatic assembly production lines, including SMT, automatic laser welding machine, automatic sorting machine and other high-precision equipment, and has a comprehensive energy production capacity of 10000-50000 sets / day for the production of various lithium ion batteries, energy storage power supplies, shared power exchange systems and various battery-powered  portable intelligent electronic products. 

车间.jpg  For R & D, relying on the 12 years of lithium ion battery experience accumulated by Phoenix Group and cooperating with relevant colleges and universities such as Shenzhen University, the company has developed a series of energy storage batteries and shared power exchange system, and obtained a number of invention and utility model patents. In terms of smart consumer upgrading products of household appliances, the company has developed a series of lithium DC variable frequency fans with strong wind power, low noise Low energy consumption and obvious advantages. In order to make science and technology better serve mankind, the company has conducted in-depth cooperation with relevant research institutions in the R & D of "humanoid robot", and achieved phased results.For  quality control, the company has a series of inspection and testing equipment, which operates in strict accordance with the ISO9001 system. The company's products have obtained the certificates  of ITS, SGS and other institutions.

  Corporate philosophy: Circular energy, Double-Win cooperation, Continuous gratitude,

The company's vision : To use recyclable green energy to drive the convenience and intelligence of consumer electronic products, and strive to make “PAIR WIN" robot your life partner!