Photovoltaic energy storage

Photovoltaic energy storage power station systemimage.png

  1. System composition: 1. Photovoltaic module, 2. Charge controller, 3. Inverter, 4. Lithium battery module, 5. Isolation transformer, 6. Transfer switch and other devices. The device can store solar energy, wind energy or mains electric energy in the battery module, and the stored electric energy is converted into alternating current electric energy through the inverter and output to electric equipment to convert direct current electric energy into alternating current electric energy.

  2. Core competitiveness of Pine products: 1. Better cost - Pine Smart adopts the power battery echelon application technology jointly developed with Shenzhen University to ensure the cost advantage of the project! 2. More environmentally friendly, because the project uses cascade batteries, a lot of battery raw materials are saved, making the project more environmentally friendly! 3. Safer - The intelligent air-conditioning forced cooling system is used inside the power supply to make the temperature control of the product more effective and ensure the safety of the product! 4. Smarter: Using an automatic metering system, remote meter reading, and a mobile phone in hand, you can know that you can make money every day!

  3. Channel advantage: Through cooperation with the national security industry association and the State Grid channel, it has the advantage of local landing in Yueyang.

  4. Profit model: Free energy storage power stations are provided to corporate users, and by absorbing 40% of photovoltaic power and 30% off-peak power from the grid during 0-24 hours, selling electricity during peak hours to earn the price difference (for example, when the grid operates between 14-24 hours) The electricity price is 1.2 yuan).

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